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I am a married man, father, and a genuinely faithful guy, but I have a sexual conundrum I confess. I dearly love my wife and have so for many years, but her libido is practically extinct, whereas mine, well, it is still as high-strung as a 19 year old college freshman around a bunch of half-naked cheerleaders. We have tried to work this obstacle out of our marriage many times and we have had endless talks, changed some things, but yet, sex to my lover is more like a chore, something she does for me, but not for herself. There is absolutely no passion, no moaning, no whispers, no touching...absolutely nothing. I gently touch her, grope her, whisper things in her ear, nibble behind her neck, touch her intimately, and I totally ensure my hygiene is at its best, but nothing I attempt seems to work anymore. So where do I turn? What do I do?

I am sure there are other men and women out there in the same situation. I have thought long and hard about hooking up with someone on the side. There are many avenues that lead to infidelity road such as, online services, classified ads, Craigslist, and many more, but I just could not do this to her. I am just not one to hurt the woman I love.

Then, for a while, I pondered about having sex with a prostitute. To experience a really good screwing from a professional; however, the high cost of an escort, the risk of getting an STD and then possibly giving it to my wife, and even worse, getting busted by a vice cop in a solicitation sting would ruin me socially, professionally, personally, and economically. So, I simply ran from that idea. I have even dabbled mildly with pornography, having looked at many lovely pictures of beautiful babes, smoking hot women, and some amazing hot mamas my own age. Along the way, I have even enjoyed a few videos now and then, but even these tools don't fulfill that inner need that a man longs for nor satisfies the craving to be one with a woman and totally enjoy sex.

So here I was, lost, with nowhere to go with my problem. I wholeheartedly thought about more counseling, but the cost and the fact that even a professional trained to deal with people's problems couldn't change the way Margie feels about sex. So, instead I simply wandered aimlessly looking for a solution to my sexual woes. But then something wonderful happened and it changed EVERYTHING.

One cold and lonely night, after my wife had gone to bed, I sat in front of my computer perusing and navigating the internet hoping to perhaps chat with someone who shares my same problem. I was down and didn't know where to turn to or who to talk to. Then I found an article and began reading about the wonders and the incredible feel of a sex doll and the many benefits of love wrapped in silicone.

At first I was skeptical about the idea until I contemplated a few things. With a sex doll, there is really no infidelity. I will still continue to love my wife and nothing will ever change that fact, but a scantily clad TPE lady would allow me to release my libido and enjoy sex without forcing my wife to do something she no longer enjoys. I thought to myself...a sex doll is simply a relatively reasonably priced toy used for one's own pleasure, similar to a wave runner, a motorcycle, or a sports car, which gives you joy and happiness and years of fun and excitement. In addition, a sex doll would not put you at risk for a sexually transmitted disease nor the many other negative impacts of hooking up with a call girl.

After contemplating some of the preconceived issues I had in my mind, I relaxed a bit and considered some of the more positive effects. I imagined picking out and customizing my new lover to be just what I have always wanted or sought after. Like buying a brand new car, I was excited about the thought of tailoring my personal mistress to MY exact specifications. Visions of grandeur popped into my head as I envisioned picking out my new lover's body type, her hair color, and style of hair. I thought hard about her beautiful face and eye color, and then my mind began to race. I began thinking about her breast size...what would I choose? After thinking a bit, I knew my wife has always had B-cup breasts, so I went a size larger and thought about what it would be like to touch, fondle, enjoy, and admire a nice tanned set of C-cup sized titties. I imagined what her nipples would look like...the size and color of them.

After several minutes of fantasy dreaming, I thought "am I getting too far in front of myself?" Could one actually customize everything on one of these love dolls? I drifted away from imagining what the lower half of my future lover would be like and instead savored a few thoughts of her decked out in some red satin panties, then I drifted to visions of a lacy white bra and a revealing thong, and then I wondered about some black leather lingerie until I came back to reality and simple thought about enjoying her wearing a skimpy halter top and a pair of white yoga pants over simple white cotton panties. I continued to reason with myself "Could this be the answer to my dilemma?" So I started off on this new adventure and pointed my Internet browser down Sex Doll Alley similar to a kid in a candy shop with a fresh one hundred-dollar bill.

I did not realize how extensive and elaborate this adventure would be. There were literally hundreds of vendors selling these love toys at every twist and turn on the Internet. Some dolls were very pricey, some incorporated artificial intelligence, some were cheap, some were even on Amazon, and unfortunately, some of the vendors were as sneaky and tricky as car salesmen. So I did my research and began reading everything I could find on these dolls and looking at reviews. I soon narrowed my focus from the immense selection I wandered into. Next, I began to look for a vendor who was willing to go the extra mile to help me, educate me, and not just try to screw me out of my money while I tried to satisfy my lonely manly cravings.

Then I found Lola and she was a sweetie. She guided me though this crazy maze of love dolls, options, pricing, how to care for one, and she instructed me on things to do and not to do to make my experience even better. Lola gave me some basic insights that I did not have and she provided alternatives and answered my questions. When I thought I found the doll I wanted, she sent me actual pictures of my selection and what the doll would look like when I received it. The dolls were slightly different when posed on the websites...make up, choices of lingerie, lighting, and more... similar to a model's photoshoot and some Photoshop.

This vendor opened up a whole new realm for me. From her choices, I could pick skinny, tall, short, thick, ebony, tan, or white, and if fantasy was my thing, I could even have an elf princess or a seductive vampire mistress. Wow did Lola ever give me some options. So, I spent a few hours looking and comparing and analyzing pictures of the dolls. Then the moment came when I found the one I wanted and Lola guided me through the process to purchase my new intimate friend.

I handcrafted a 5' 2" (158 cm) beautifully tanned frizzy red-headed babe (since most gingers never really tan.) I looked at her and her future name simply rolled off my tongue...I will call her Autumn. She had a beautiful smile, stunning green eyes, and luscious red lips. She wasn't too skinny like a super-model and not too thick either. But the best part was that Autumn had a voluptuous set of C-cup breasts with beautiful brown areolas that were nearly two inches in diameter and they would be fun to suck and nibble on and so much more. Her delicate fingernails and toe nails were accentuated with shiny red polish and her beautiful garden between her scrumptious and velvety thighs had a nice bush of light brown pubic hair. Her pinkish-orange pussy lips were delicate like flower petals and she had the cutest little butthole. I would soon enjoy that since my wife had never let me dabble in that forbidden area. I could not wait to take this little hottie for a test ride.

Next, I observed her cute little feet that would allow her to stand or bend over easily. They were adorable and made her very sturdy and would provide another option for some much needed change of position action. Then Lola did a few more things to rock my world again. She gave me a free set of eyes (I choose blue), and she gave me an option for a free wig, so I chose copper...yep, I have a fetish for red-headed women. Then she gave me an extra head for my doll which would really make sex having two incredible and double-wow!

I couldn't wait to meet my new lover and her friend. I would be the proud owner of one hot firm body...about 70 pounds worth that would bring me hours of delightful entertainment of the most intimate kind. One lover possessed stunning red hair and killer green eyes and the other a beach blonde babe with baby blue eyes who I aptly named Summer.

Lola met every one of my requests and then invoiced me. I quickly paid just under a grand for my dream girl. I imagined how much needed libido relief I would get and I envisioned a lot more happiness in the sack. The hardest part of the transaction would be the wait. Lola instructed me that the assembly time would be two weeks and then they would contact me about shipping options and that would take a week and perhaps longer. I crossed my fingers and hope for sooner rather than later.

Fast forward three weeks later and I am impatiently waiting for my package to come similar to a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve. I look at my phone every five minutes. Where is the damn Fedex truck? When is it going to get here? I keep checking my phone and watching the neighborhood for the delivery vehicle. I am nervous and wondering and asking myself, "what if the package were to be mistakenly delivered to my neighbor?" This anxiety goes on all afternoon until finally at 5:05 PM when the young driver backs up into my driveway and delivers my long awaited package.

I quickly find my beach wagon in the garage. Then, Mr. Fedex and I put the 80 pound discretely wrapped box in the wagon so I could easily transport it into the house. I sign his etch-a sketch saying I received the package and then I make my way back into the empty house and into the kitchen as the driver drives off. He doesn't have a clue as to how happy he just made me with this five foot rectangular box. I have the entire house to myself for another three hours before my wife gets home and I didn't plan on wasting any time.

I bring the package into the kitchen and place it on the table. Carefully, I run my box blade down the taped seam and with surgical precision and cut the box open. With each passing second, my heart is racing to see my beauty. I slowly undo the extra packaging, pull back her covering, and there in this simple cardboard box, is my Autumn. She is wrapped well to prevent any shipping damage and she looks like a red-headed angel.

As instructed by Lola, I wash my hands to prevent my toy from getting any dirt or marks on her beautiful body or face. I reach down and pick up her nicely tanned body and sit her on my granite countertops. She is a tad heavy as Lola indicated and I quickly learn how to manipulate her body and joints so I can make her sit for me without a fear of her falling and being damaged. Next, I open the first small globe like package with the right number on it, and I find Autumn's pretty little head and her red wig. I methodically screw on her head and correctly place the wig on her. After adding her white cut-off t-shirt and her blue panties I think she is ready to go. I stare at her in awe...amazing...simply amazing and so lifelike.

I position Autumn with her delicate arms around my neck and her tan thighs around my waist and I carry her to my king sized bed in the master bedroom at the back of my house. I lay her down on the bed and position her so she can later straddle me in a few minutes. The wife only likes the missionary position, so it is going to be fun manipulating Autumn into many of the positions I have always wanted to try with Marge. I go back to the box and find the USB warmer Lola included and I carefully insert it into Autumn's wonderful pussy. I roll her in my wife's electric blanket to warm her up a bit for some action and let her lie on the bed as I head to the shower for a few minutes to get ready for this defining moment.

Ten minutes later, my cock is so hard that I can hammer nails with it. I slide into bed and I position myself in the middle of this enormous bed and then gently work Autumn on top of me. I feel her lovely orbs as they hang right above me, and I take a moment to suckle each nipple into my mouth. One at a time, I go back and forth lapping and sucking on these wonderfully soft and adorable titties. I pull her close and gaze into her distant green eyes and I kiss her lips. I cannot believe how lifelike this toy is. I reach down and slide her panties to the side and then I pull out her little heater. After applying some cherry-flavored water-based lube all over her pussy and to my cock head. I am ready to see what my hard-earned money paid for.

I push up on Autumn's hips and position her over my manhood while she has her manicured hands on my chest. With her seventy pounds and the force of gravity, she sinks down on me and allows my cock to impale her. She comes down all the way and my cock is now deep within her nether regions. Oh my God, I just died and went to heaven. Autumn's pussy is warm and moist just like my wife's pussy...but oh my...she is so much tighter. I don't want to move at all for fear I will cum in her right now. So I just take my time, giving her slow upward thrusts. I reach back and grab her ass. It is amazing...she feels just like a woman...her tits, her ass, and her moist tight pussy.

I make a mental note to give Lola some amazing feedback later as I continue to make love to my new ginger mistress. I slowly thrust upward as Autumn's weight sinks down on me over and over, causing her hot pussy to grind all the way down to the base of my cock on each and every thrust. I know that I can't take it much longer. I am going to spew a geyser of cum into Autumn's artificial womb.

So, anticipating what is to come, I roll her over on her back with me still inside of her. I position her legs wide with her ankles touching the back of her thighs and then I start fucking her for all I am worth. This is the best pussy I have had in years. I look into her eyes, I reach down and kiss her red lips and then I nibble at her tits and I start ramming her like a piston, methodically going in and out like a well-oiled machine. The feel of Autumn's pussy on my neglected cock is absolutely amazing and then I sense that I am going to paint her pussy walls with my man seed. I make several deep thrusts and on the third one, I grab her ass and push into her with all my might as I release gobs of my cum into the depths of her amazing silicone pussy.

As I hover over her, I am sweating now, slightly out of breath, and nearly spent after having sex with this little ginger vixen for 45 minutes. I roll off of her and just lay there next to her for a few minutes...thinking about what has just transpired and how my sexual future has changed simply because I chose to navigate down Sex Doll Alley. I can't wait to unwrap Summer on my next adventure. Having two amazing doll heads will be like having two mistresses and I look forward to keeping both of them...and me, very satisfied.

The End

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