Collection: PIPER DOLL - High End Silicone Sex Doll Designers

Piper Doll is a love doll designer and manufacturer based in Taiwan.

Piper´s gorgeous dolls have never disappointed any customers in my experience. Their models, made of TPE or Platinum Silicone, are special and unique. Their beauty and extreme detail are captivating.

These dolls are built with their heads attached to their body, which provides even more realism. Their dolls heads are not interchangeable.

Piper Doll Customization Options and Add Ons:

Piper Doll Skin Colors are: White, Pink White, Honey Light, Slight Tan and Dark Tan

PIPER DOLL Customization - Skin Tone

Piper Doll has insert (removable) or built in vaginas.

PIPER DOLL - Vaginal Insert

Another cool and unique feature about Piper Doll, is that they let you choose the design for your doll´s internal vaginal walls.

PIPER Doll - Vaginal Internal Wallls
PIPER DOLL Customization - BreastsPIPER DOLL Customization - FeetPIPER DOLL Customization - Eye Color
PIPER DOLL Customization - Wig Styles
PIPER DOLL Customization - Nail Polish