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WM DOLL - Build and Customize your Premium Sex Doll

WM DOLL - Build and Customize your Premium Sex Doll

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This option should be easy for experienced Sex Doll Buyers as it´s pretty straightforward.

Pick a body and a head. Choose hair, eyes and skin color. Breasts types are solid, gel and hollow. Fixed, Removable or Self lubricating vagina.

WM add on accessories include:

Hair:Synthetic quality wigs, human hair wigs, implanted synthetic hair or implanted synthetic human hair. 
Eyes: blue, brown, green, blue green, hazel, grey, violet
and fantasy red, also known as garnet.
Vagina: lubricant free.
Realistic Airbrushed Makeup: Shadowing, veins, face freckles,
body freckles, tan line.
Built in Accessories: Body heater, standing feet, EVO skeleton (also known as shrug shoulders), moaning, articulated hand, breathing thoracic motion.
Vulva Enhancements: Implanted pubic hair, patched pubic hair.
Easy transgender conversion (must be ordered with removable vagina): 15cm detachable penis, 19cm detachable penis
Our rates for WM Dolls start at $1450 for a 140cm D cup. Please make sure you select the body you want to order from the dropdown menu. 
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